Innovative Rewards To Power Your Referral Program

Mar 22, 2018

Companies with successful referral programs often adopted a reward strategy that seeks to reward employees for participation rather than only on a successful end result. Introducing micro rewards in the referral program strategy helps to keep employees engaged and motivated by rewarding them in small ways for participating in the program, irrespective of the outcome of the referral. Even though the rewards themselves are small in nature, they work as significant motivators to keep employees excited about the program and keen to participate to qualify for the rewards.

Non Monetary
1. Handwritten Note from an executive
2. Free access to company products
3. Honorable mention in a staff meeting
4. Recognition in company newsletter
5. First choice for shifts/vacation time
6. Priority parking
7. Thank you gift/card on desk

Company Branded Swag
8. Water Bottle
9. Headphones
10. Mouse pad
11. Nice Pen
12. T-shirts
13. Jacket
14. Socks
15. Backpack
16. Briefcase
17. Stress ball
18. Portable phone charger
19. Stapler

Tech Gifts
20. iPad
21. Amazon echo
22. Ring Video Doorbell
23. Chromecast/Fire TV/Apple tv
24. Bluetooth speakers
25. Smart Watch
26. Health tracker (such as fitbit)

Experiential Ideas
27. Professional sports tickets
28. Personal day off
29. Spa treatment
30. Weekend getaway
31. Bed n breakfast
32. Ballet tickets
33. Opera tickets
34. Orchestra tickets
35. Yoga lessons
36. Deep clean for your home
37. Blue apron subscription
38. Gourmet cooking class
39. Gym membership
40. Giant check
41. Jewelry
42. Flowers
43. Bicycle
44. Office Chair Upgrade

Group Initiatives
45. Quarterly lunch or dinner with the boss
46. Free healthy vending machine for the office
47. Rent out movie theatre for employees and their families
48. Charity Donations

Raffle Campaigns
49. Limo date
50. Lift tickets
51. Hot air balloon ride
52. Sports car for a day
53. Arts and crafts class
54. Round of Golf
55. National parks pass
56. Car Lease
57. Trip To Hawaii
58. Cruise
59. Theme park tickets
60. Hot tub
61. 4k Tv
62. Laptop