LinkedIn and Facebook API Changes

May 12, 2015

LinkedIn and Facebook have implemented changes to the way companies are able to integrate with their platforms and access data.

Some of the functionality being changed affects how users log in to our tool, download their contacts, and send individual referral invitations. Employees will still be able to post jobs to their newsfeed or wall.

Starting the week of May 12 - 19, logging in with Linkedin will be disabled. While LinkedIn said this functionality would remain intact, it hasn't. Employees will be asked to log in with Facebook, Google+, a single sign-on vendor or by setting up an email and password. Employees will still be able to import Linkedin contacts, though the process will change. The employee may be asked to enter an email address when inviting a LinkedIn contact to view a job depending on the contact's LinkedIn privacy settings. Employees will still be able to post jobs to their newsfeed or wall.

These changes will be affecting all apps with similar functionality to ours. We are determined to remain the most innovative company in our field. These changes will not affect our ability to engage employees through targeted emails, innovative campaigns and mobile capability. We will continue to add new avenues for employees to import their contacts.

We're thankful for our clients and for companies that continue to support open API's.

Brady Banks
Director of Customer Success